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Deck Cleaning


360 Power Wash specializes in a low pressure wash. We have specially formulated solutions for both wood and composite decks that can remove years of dirt, grime and algae. We can take your dull, tired looking deck and restore it back to its former beauty!

In wood applications our detergent is safe, effective and will not damage the wood fibers of your deck. After the cleaning process, we apply a wood brightening solution to enhance the appearance of the wood to its natural finish.

On composite decks we use a specialized formula to gently wash away any dirt or debris sticking to the surface. We can have your composite deck looking brand new in no time!

Deck washing is not only for aesthetics; dirty decks can pose a major safety hazard! Dirt and algae build-up can cause the wood on your deck to become extremely slippery when wet. Protect your family and pets from the chance of an accidental fall.

Not only can 360 Power Wash restore the appearance of your deck, we can also clean wood and vinyl fences as well!

Maintenance is key to ensuring your deck lasts for years and years to come!

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